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This page describes a service provided by a retired ACENET system. Most ACENET services are currently provided by national systems, for which please visit

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Operating System Transition

We have upgraded the operating system (OS) at Glooscap from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (RHEL 4) to RHEL 6. However, the head node is still running RHEL4, but will be replaced soon.

Storage reorganization

As of Feb 20, 2012, the /globalscratch filesystem has been merged into the /home filesystem, so most users on Glooscap will now have a single quota rather than two, and /home/$USER/scratch is no longer a symbolic link to /globalscratch/$USER. If you have scripts which make explicit reference to /globalscratch/$USER as part of a path, please change them to refer to ~/scratch instead.

General Information

Description A Linux cluster of 16-way and 4-way nodes
Total nodes 174
Total cores 2196
Node Model Hewlett-Packard 145 (cl001-cl058)

SunBlade x6440 (cl059-cl097)
SGI C2112-4G3 (cl098-cl183)

CPU Dual-core AMD Opteron 280 (2.4GHz), two per host

Quad-core AMD Opteron 8384 (2.7GHz), four per host
Eight-core AMD Opteron 6134 (2.3GHz), two per host

RAM/Node 4 GB (cl001-cl058)

32 GB (cl059-cl097)
64 GB (cl098-cl177)
128 GB (cl178-cl183)

Interconnect Gigabit Ethernet
Operating System EL6

Overview | Mahone | Placentia | Fundy | Glooscap