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Cluster Status Planned Outage Notes
Siku Online -
Placentia Online -
Arbutus See (
Béluga See
Cedar See
Graham See
Niagara See


Service Status Planned Outage Notes
WebMO Retired End of service 2019 Mar 31 Retired with Placentia
Account creation Manual No outages Write support
PGI and Intel licenses Online No outages
Online cluster is up and running
Offline all users cannot login or submit jobs, or service is not working
Online some users can login and/or there are problems affecting your work

Outage schedule

Jobs will not be scheduled with a run time (--time=) that extends into the beginning of a planned outage period. This is so the job will not be terminated prematurely when the system goes down.

  • No outage currently scheduled.


  • Memorial Universities networks are online again and access to Siku has been restored. Siku's scheduler had stopped at some point during the outage, but has been restarted on Sat Jan. 8th at 10:20am (NST). Jobs have been running on Siku since then.
Update Monday Jan 10, 13:15 (NST): The onset of the network interruption was also accompanied by a power-fluctuation, that has caused some (but not all) compute nodes to reboot.
13:00, January 8, 2022 (NST)
  • Memorial University has announced that they are experiencing a wide-spread internet outage. Therefore access to Siku is currently not possible, but we expect the system to continue running jobs until internet access has been restored.
Update 14:10 NST: Memorial University has announced on their Twitter account that the issue was caused by an internal technology malfunction. MUN-ITS is working on fixing it.
13:30, January 7, 2022 (NST)

For older outages see: Previous outages

  • Our newest cluster, Siku, is now in production. Access is currently restricted to invited users only. Access request form.
13:00, December 10, 2019 (NST)


  • Placentia was retired from general service as of 2019 Mar 31. A reduced number of compute nodes remain in service, with access restricted to MUN users who have made suitable arrangements. Contact if you believe you should have access.