Wavelets March 25, 2011

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ACEmat Speaker: Stefano Curtarolo

The ACENET Institute for Materials Modelling and Simulation presents Dr. Stefano Curtarolo speaking on "Thermodynamic and kinetic effects in nano-catalysts"

  • Memorial University March 28, 3:00PM Physics & Chemistry Room C2045
  • Dalhousie University March 29, 2:30PM Dunn Building Room 304


HPCS 2011: HPC in medical science

The High Performance Computing Symposium is a multi-disciplinary conference focused on research related to HPC and its applications. This year's theme is 'HPC in Medical Science'.

June 15-17, Montreal, QC

Now accepting registration and talk abstracts at http://2011.hpcs.ca/lang/en

Spring 2011 Coast to Coast Seminar Series

Economics & Finance: The Global Financial Crisis - The One Constant is Change

March 29, "A Framework for Modeling Network Risk"
Dr. Ramazan Gençay and Dr. Daniele Signori, Department of Economics, Simon Fraser University
  • Abstracts: http://irmacs.sfu.ca/events/coast-coast-abs
  • Coordinated by: Dr. David McCaughan, SHARCNET - Compute/Calcul Canada, University of Guelph
  • Organized and distributed by: AARMS, ACENET, the IRMACS Centre, SciNet, SHARCNET, WestGrid, and Compute Canada
  • All talks are delivered over videoconferencing at 3:30 PM ADT, 4:00 PM Nfld. Please RSVP your local ACENET Collaboration Room.