Passwordless SSH

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Your account is created with passwordless SSH access within each cluster to allow you to run your jobs with Grid Engine, which relies on SSH to start job processes.

In the unlikely event that you need to configure passwordless SSH access yourself, you have to generate an SSH key with the following set of commands:

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa
  (hit enter three times to accept defaults)
$ cd ~/.ssh
$ cp authorized_keys
$ chmod 600 authorized_keys

You should also verify permissions on your home directory. Only the owner (you) should have permission for writing. You can make sure it's set correctly like so:

$ chmod go-w /home/$USER

Between ACENET clusters

You are permitted, though not encouraged, to enable passwordless SSH between different sites as well.

To do so you need to copy three files, id_rsa, and authorized_keys to other clusters to the ~/.ssh directory. For example, to copy these files to the Fundy cluster, type the following:

 $ cd ~/.ssh
 $ scp id_rsa authorized_keys