License considerations for commercial users

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Intel compiler suite

Intel's compiler suite has been governed by different license terms over the years. For a long time it was available without charge to academic users, but commercial users were expected to pay a suitable license fee to Intel.

According to ACENET's best understanding compilers in the intel/2020.1.217 and earlier modules are governed by such a license, which allows only academic use for free. intel/2020.1.217 is the version loaded by default when you log in to Siku.

Intel's "Commercial Products Support FAQ – 2020 Update" (retrieved 2022-08-19) reads, in part:

Q: Are all of the oneAPI Toolkits available for free?

A: Yes, all of the oneAPI Toolkits are available for free download and use for
   commercial and non-commercial purposes.  The oneAPI Toolkits obtained for
   free are supported via community forums and are public.  
   Only the most recent releases of the Toolkits will be made available.

The key word here is "oneAPI". At this time of writing we have two versions of the Intel oneAPI compilers in our software stack, that are therefore free for commercial use:

[user@login1 ~]$ module  whatis intel/2021.2.0
intel/2021.2.0      : Description: Intel C, C++ & Fortran compilers (classic and oneAPI)
intel/2021.2.0      : Homepage:
intel/2021.2.0      : URL:

[user@login1 ~]$ module  whatis intel/2022.1.0
intel/2022.1.0      : Description: Intel C, C++ & Fortran compilers (classic and oneAPI)
intel/2022.1.0      : Homepage:
intel/2022.1.0      : URL: