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HPC in Canada

Dr. Mark Whitmore, one of ACENET's founders has co-authored a paper with Allan MacIsaac on the history of High Performance Computing in Canada. High Performance Computing in Canada: The Early Chapters is available from the "Physics in Canada" website.

The article appeared in the April-June issue of the journal, an issue dedicated to HPC and also containing articles by ACENET users David Clarke, Ivan Saika-Voivod and Peter H. Poole.

Dr. Whitmore was previously a Professor in Memorial's Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography. He is now the Dean of Science at the University of Manitoba.

Cluster Availability Dates


April 2006
Brasdor commissioned
Mahone commissioned
May 2006
First user accounts issued HPCS & ACENET launch @ Memorial
Inaugural meeting of ACEmat at MUN
July 2006
Placentia commissioned
August 2006
Staff levels reach 8 full-time employees
September 2006
Staff levels reach 9 full-time employees
November 2006
Videoconferencing lab opens at UNB Fredericton
December 2006
Online user account application Videoconferencing labs open at StFX & MUN
January 2007
Videoconferencing lab opens at MtA Collaboration room completed at SMU
Number of active ACENET user accounts exceeds 170
May 2007
1st Annual Seminar Series – OpenMP for Researchers
June 2007
Inaugural meeting of AACI at Acadia
Capacity Upgrades:
Fundy upgraded to 192 cores
Placentia upgraded to 464 cores
Brasdor upgraded to 248 cores
Mahone upgraded to 248 cores
September 2007
Inaugural meeting of ICC
October 2007
Number of active ACENET user accounts exceeds 330
November 2007
Staff levels reach 12 full-time staff
February 2008
Fundy Commissioned 1st Round of ACENET Fellowships issued
March 2008
Capacity Upgrades - ACENET surpasses 3000 cores
Fundy upgraded to 608 cores
Placentia upgraded to 680 cores
Brasdor upgraded to 1076 cores
Mahone upgraded to 560 cores
Courtenay upgraded to 80 cores
May 2008
Staff levels reach 14 full-time employees
2nd Annual Seminar Series – MPI for researchers (Over 90 participants)
June 2008
Datacave Opening at Saint Mary’s Univerisity
Number of active ACENET user accounts reaches 549