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Green ACENET is the term used for a special class of ACENET hardware. There are certain circumstances where ACENET will accept and operate equipment owned by a researcher rather than by ACENET. The term "Condominium Model" is also sometimes used.

Certain conditions must exist prior to ACENET accepting the responsibility for managing Green ACENET equipment:

  1. There must be a clear benefit to ACENET for the investment of our resources. Typically these benefits are access to excess capacity and the portion of operating funds from the researchers grant that are associated with the Green ACENET equipment.
  2. Equipment must be integrated into the ACENET environment i.e. LDAP, behind our firewalls, residing on our network etc.
  3. The technology must be relatively easy for ACENET to support - i.e. where possible it should be compatible with our equipment, operating systems etc.

The benefits to the researcher are typically access to people to manage the environment, computer room space, power and Air Conditioning, synergies and cost savings associated with software licenses and often the ability to buy more equipment because of the synergies. In some cases, "Green ACENET" pricing which is in place with our main vendor partner Sun Microsystems provides "better than the street" pricing and in other cases, instead of buying disks, racks or performing building modifications, ACENET can provide these allowing the researcher to focus on maximizing (for example) compute nodes.

The Green ACENET sharing agreement is accomplished using ACENET's scheduling/queuing system so that the "owner" has priority access to the equipment but when cycles are available other ACENET accounts can use the equipment.

The following document is the "Green ACENET Service Level Agreement" which is signed by both the researcher and ACENET. All applications will be made to the ACENET Executive (ED or CTO) and once analyzed, the Executive will make a recommendation to the ACENET RD and to the RAC for acceptance or not.