Applying without a Compute Canada Account

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This page explains how to apply for an account if you are a researcher with an organization other than a Canadian University.

Non-university researchers

In order to register with the CCDB you either need to be a faculty member at a Canadian university or be sponsored by a faculty member at a Canadian university that is registered with the CCDB. People who can be sponsored include graduate students and research staff that report to the sponsoring faculty member.

However, in some cases, researchers at other Canadian research institutions are eligible for ACENET accounts. These are approved on a case-by-case basis. You can apply below.

Please note: due to restrictions by our funding agencies, ACENET accounts cannot be used for teaching or commercial purposes.

Account application

ACENET issues two types of accounts, Primary Project Accounts and User Accounts.

Primary Project Accounts are held by the Research Project Leader who is typically the principal investigator for a project or the head of a research group. A project leader is responsible for all other user accounts associated with the project.

User accounts are held by members of a research group under a Research Project Leader (graduate students, post docs, research assistants, etc.). User accounts will only be issued on the authority of the Research Project Leader for a particular project and will require that project's identification number.

Please contact support to apply for an account.